Delray’s Delivery Dudes Launch Opt-Out Of Plastic Utensils Feature


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

If you place a food order from Delivery Dudes, you may notice a new feature on the mobile app and website, an opt-out button for plasticware.

In an effort to reduce the amount of single-use plastics people use, the Delray Beach-based food delivery service spent several months creating the button as a way to give back to the community in an environmentally conscience way.

Delivery Dudes CEO Jayson Koss said the company has always wanted to do something that would make a difference to the world. So, he challenged some of his “green” employees to come up with an initiative.

Delivery Dudes COO Ryan Sturgis is friends with the creators of 4ocean, a Boca Raton-based company that eliminates plastic and trash in the ocean. So, the companies decided to partner to promote the planet.

“I’ve personally wanted to eliminate the waste created by delivery for years,” Sturgis said. “We’ve always been thinking about a final solution, which has been difficult to create. The reality is we need to get started in order to make an impact. I’m glad we’re kicking off a program with a local business to raise awareness in our communities.”

The goal is that people will choose not to receive plasticware in their orders, which will save the restaurants providing the orders money and keep the planet more plastic free. If you call in and place an order, you can opt out of the plasticware, too.

Koss said about 60 percent of delivery orders placed are going to home addresses, which often have silverware.

“Quantitatively, [the partnership] will help to reduce the amount of single-use plastic Delivery Dudes will be an accomplice to, while giving customers expanded options on their delivery,” said Christopher Leary, Delivery Dudes Palm Beach County regional manager. “Qualitatively, it will help to inform the public, bring awareness to the cause, and further the collaboration between different parties in search of a common goal.”

The team is also curbing its own use of single-use plastics. Koss said it is closing out production of swag items like Delivery Dudes branded chap sticks that are made of plastic materials.

Overall, Delivery Dudes wants to raise awareness on the damage that single-use plastics can cause to the environment by educating consumers and hopefully creating new habits that help protect the environment.

Delivery Dudes is also researching more sustainable to-go packaging.

“We finally took the time to do something and it feels good,” he said. “It is the first step of many.”