Did You Ever Wonder? Insurance Q&A


By Harvey Brown Special to The Pineapple Question: Do the windows and doors on my home affect my Homeowners Insurance premium? Answer: Yes, your windows and doors are a big part of the story when it comes to your Homeowners Insurance premium. Homeowners Insurance premiums are made up of many different factors including (but not limited to) the year your house was built, the location of your home, the construction type of your home, and the protective features of your home and your coverage limits you choose. The protective features of your home which most affect your premium are the ones which protect your home from wind. Insurance companies are most concerned with hurricanes! Windows, doors, and your roof type all make a big difference in how much your homeowners insurance will cost you each year. Your windows, doors, and roof are the first line of defense protecting your home from hurricanes. Old windows provide little protection against wind so you will likely not get any premium “credits” for old windows. The same goes for ordinary doors which don’t have a wind resistant rating. Changing your windows & doors to the latest wind-impact ratings can substantially lower your insurance premium but only if you cover all openings on your home, even your garage door and skylights! The cost to change all of your windows and doors can be quite large but what you get in return is the confidence that your home will be able to stand up to stronger storms and you will be able to receive (in some cases) big discounts on your Homeowners (wind) insurance for years to come! One note of caution: beware of people trying to sell you “window protection” that doesn’t meet Florida’s wind-impact standards. Always use properly licensed window & door contractors. Call your agent if you have questions about your windows & doors. Next Month: Taking a vacation break. Be back in September! pineapple-newspaper-harvey-brownThe Harvey L. Brown Agency are experts in auto, home, business, life/health and represent over 40 companies. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance, call 561-276-0369 Monday-Friday 9-5pm.