Dr. Alla Weisz Joins the Staff of Genesis Community Health


Dr. Alla Weisz, the most recent addition to the medical staff at Genesis Community Health, has a special affinity for the patients who rely upon community health clinics for their healthcare needs. In some cases, as their primary care physician, she has found she is the first person to have a prolonged conversation with them about their health and how to care for their bodies. Once that connection is established, clinic patients seem to return religiously to report their progress and confirm that her work is making a difference, she said. Among this patient base, Dr. Weisz tries to change their perception of their options. “They believe they have limited resources, and that it’s much easier to go to McDonald’s and get a hamburger, but it doesn’t cost that much more to make your own meal, which is healthier and more wholesome,” she said. “I teach them how to take care of themselves. In many cases, it has never been explained to them how what they eat affects their blood sugar. Once they understand, they begin to monitor what they eat. Dr. Weisz brings more than 30 years of medical experience to her new role. She earned her medical degree and completed a residency in ophthalmology from Odessa State Medical Institute in the Ukraine, before continuing her education at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, completing residencies in preliminary surgery and family practice. She served as staff physician and Medical Director at Hazel Dell Primary and Immediate Care Center in Carmel, Indiana, before moving to Palm Beach County in 2008 to work as a staff physician for MD Now Urgent Care Center in West Palm Beach. A West Palm Beach resident, Dr. Weisz is married with three sons, ages 25, 13 and 10.