Easy ways to keep kids organized for summer


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers
You know the drill; grab five bags give away, throw away, put away, recycle, repurpose.
1. Start by cleaning out books and papers from the previous school year. Create a file/box for any awards, art, or achievements you want to save. Current trophies can be put up on a shelf.
Tip: Taking pictures holds the memory without having to save the item.
2. Clothing, footwear, costumes, sports equipment they have outgrown, worn out or never wear – must go!
Save stained clothing that still fits for painting projects. pickupplease.org,
Tip: Keep a list as you go of things you’ll need to replace.
3. Give books and stuffed animals they have outgrown to younger siblings, friends, neighbors. moneycrashers.com,
Tip: Now is a great time to dust those shelves; perfect job for the kids.
4. Outgrown or broken toys, puzzles or games with missing parts – gotta go!
Tip: Be kind and patient during this process.
Now, get organized.
A baking pan can be used to hold magnetic letters and numbers.
Put books on the low shelves, for easy reach and safety.
Group like items for containing.
Keep recycling over the summer! Tip; certain recyclables can become a creative project. boredpanda.com
Create a Staycation Inspiration wall with post-its, for ideas for summer activities.
An old kitchen utensil holder can be used for crayons and markers.
Kids art can be hung on skirt hangars from a nail.
Set up a hamper for each child.
Try a wall mounted organizer, hinged boxes, kids sized chairs, colorful bins, ball claw, animal swing lid cans, animal canvas bins, search “kids” at containerstore.com
Pick up one group of items a week for back to school.
Try this great scheduling idea: thrivehomeblog.com
For kids accessories; baskets, hampers, wall hooks, containers
dollar stores
Clear a big walk-in closet for a summer hide away, with hanging lights and stuffed animals for privacy to read, tell secrets with friends, and dream big.
Use the space under the bed with drawers with handles and wheels, or colorful bins.
For ongoing projects like puzzles, designate a place for them to leave it out.
Leave a bin outside for wet or sandy toys, towels, flip flops.
Create a chore wheel and rules, like hosing down before coming into the house, or no drinks or food in the car, or all toys must be put away by the end of the day to let your kids know what you expect of them.
Feel free to contact me if you’re stumped by an organizing challenge! I’m happy to help.
Find me at organizeinaday.com or organizeinaday@gmail.com
Cheryl Adelman loves helping people get organized. She owns Organize In A Day™, and has lived in Delray Beach since 2009.