Exercise Can Hurt You


By: Christine King Special to the Boca and Delray newspaper

With all of the preaching about the many benefits of exercise, how in the world could it hurt you?  Unfortunately, there are many avenues. The phrase “Consult your doctor before beginning any type of activity or exercise” is an essential disclaimer that many overlook. There are important reasons for you to pay close attention.

Roughly every seven years, we become new people. During that time,  every cell in the body is replaced by a new cell. According to the Smithsonian, there are roughly 37.2 trillion cells in the human body. The 600 muscles, 206 bones, blood, neurological, nerve, cartilage, skin, fat, and more, are all cells which experience renewal during the seven years.

Annually, our bodies transform physically and medically. Some of these alterations include: injury, illness, disease, accidents, change of life (menopause/”manopause”) or lifestyle.

All of these incidents require a reassessment of your activities, including exercise, in order to avoid getting hurt. As mentioned, the first step is to speak with your doctor and ask for guidelines. The next step is to consult with a qualified Personal Trainer or Medical Exercise Specialist to address how to adjust your workouts. Not seeking this valuable information can end in injury.

For example, if you’ve been in an auto accident and have musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, the approach to your exercises needs a 360-degree overhaul. Overtaxing both of these systems will harm you and cause a setback.

Certain diseases and illnesses also need special attention. Those experiencing the effects of cancer treatments need a customized and scheduled approach to gaining strength. Additionally, nutrition counseling is definitely in order.

Experiencing normal biological changes in life, particularly menopause, requires a change in workout structure, primarily when most symptomatic. Even when a woman still has her menstrual periods, slight adjustments in exercise regimen are needed. Studies show that women are more likely to experience an injury while exercising during their monthly period.

And let’s simply address the human body. It changes as we age. Common ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, loss of hormones, depletion of collagen, and other changes facilitate a need to pay attention and perform the proper form of exercise for your body.

Many people establish an exercise routine and repeat it over and over. All of the above information, along with muscle memory, dictate frequent adjustments in your activities. Following the same routine over and over causes a plateau in results. The muscles understand what is happening, and there’s a lack of muscle confusion, which is necessary for growth and to avoid a plateau.

In all, paying attention to your body, everything it experiences and consulting the proper fitness and medical exercise professional is crucial. Asking the right questions is vitally important. When speaking to a professional, ask them if they’ve worked with people who have your particular issues. Ask how they would approach helping you to make changes. If they use verbiage you don’t understand, please don’t be afraid to question them. After you speak to a couple of people, compare the answers. You can even check with your doctor again to get his or her opinion. However, your gut will usually give you the information you need.

Don’t just accept the answers; it’s time to question the professionals. This will result in a symbiotic relationship, assurance you’re in the right hands, and the confidence of knowing you won’t be hurt.

Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder of YourBestFit. The health and wellness company has helped thousands of clients recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall well-being.  Please visit Christine at www.ByChristineKing.com