In April 2016, The Delray Beach Historical Society will open its “Fish Tales!” Exhibit and are now working to gather images, memorabilia, 3D objects, artifacts, tackle, trophies and fish mounts to tell the tale of area recreational fishing. They are asking the community look into their photo albums, garages and attics to loan and/or donate exhibit materials. The close proximity of the ocean has always been a strong part of the identity of Delray Beach. For over 100 years, fishing has been both a popular pastime and in the early days an essential activity for food and income. The Historical Society archives reveal that a fishing camp existed at the east end of what is now Atlantic Avenue. The 1910 census of Delray lists over 150 men whose occupation was “ocean fisherman,” most from the Bahamas originally. H. M. Hunt is referred to as the “pioneer fisherman” who started the fishing business in Delray Beach in 1911. He started out with a net and ten barrels and eventually transported fish to West Palm and later to New York via the East Coast Railroad. For decades following, our Village by the Sea has lured people from all over the world in large part because of our beautiful ocean and coastline. Swimming, shelling collecting, sun bathing and fishing have helped Delray Beach maintain its quaint charm. The Historical Society is working with area fishing clubs, local fisherman, authors and residents to form a committee of locals to build this exhibit. “We are looking forward to exploring this nostalgic side of Delray Beach, says Exhibit Co-Chair Howard Ellingsworth. He adds, “I can remember stories from my dad’s generation about when the ‘blues were running’ and the whole town would close up shop and go fishing.” It’s this spirit, sportsmanship and sense of community that the Historical Society is aspiring to capture through his exhibit, which will be on display through the fall of 2016. “We would like to gather the support of the local community to tell a comprehensive story,” adds Leslie Callaway, the Historical Society’s President. “This is one of those pastimes that people are passionate about and we’re excited to include the community in the creation of this exhibit!” If you are interested in being on the “Fish Tales” Exhibit committee or you have photos or memorabilia to donate and/or loan to the Society, please call DBHS Archivist’s Michelle Quigley and Janet DeVries at 561.274.9578 or email info@delraybeachhistory.org. About Delray Beach Historical Society: Founded in 1964, the Delray Beach Historical Society’s mission is to preserve and share Delray Beach’s rich history. This includes overseeing and protecting the city’s extensive archives and offering informative exhibitions, events and programs throughout the year.