From Summer Mode To Back To School – Here’s The Scoop You Need To Know


By: Heather McMechan Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Transitioning from summer mode to back to school is not always easy. As my children enter fifth and second grade, I’ve learned a few ways to help that transition become easier. Here are a few tips that will make going back to school more fun and less stressful for you and your family.

Tax free weekend

It’s always nice to save money. Don’t miss out on the tax free weekend. Florida’s sales tax holiday begins Aug. 3 and runs through Aug. 5.

The limit on clothing and footwear has been reduced from $75 to $60. The number of days the tax-free holidays lasts have been reduced from 10 to three. Also, computers are no longer tax free. This is for clothing, shoes and school supplies.

School supply delivery

Home delivery is becoming the norm and it can really save you time. Stores like Target and Walmart provide special services where you can order online and then pick-up your school supplies or have them delivered to your home.

Kids need sleep 

The week or even weekend before school starts put your kids to bed at their appropriate time. I truly believe it takes two weeks to get a child back on a sleep schedule. You can give your kids their own alarm clock to wake up to. It’s a great responsibility for them to get up and shut it off.

You need sleep

You may not realize it but you need sleep as well. The first week Back to School information about your kids’ teachers, school events and papers that need to be signed will need you feeling awake and sharp. It’s time to start putting yourself to bed because that 6:30 a.m. alarm will feel pretty early.

Don’t overschedule

As you start to fill up the calendar, be mindful of overscheduling yourself and your children. My rule is one afternoon activity per each kid for the quarter. This cuts down on the stress of you living in your car and always rushing from here to there.

Include family fun

When the school schedule starts, it’s hard not to fall into a pattern. It’s fun to plan one weekend activity like hosting a Friday family game night or staying in your pajamas until noon on a Saturday. Don’t forget to make those memories just because the summer is gone.

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