From The Editor’s Notebook


By: Jeff Perlman
Our Piece of Paradise
Have you ever noticed that certain places have their own cast of characters–people who are regulars and add a certain flavor to local restaurants, bars and public places?
Chuck Halberg has his “table” at City Oyster (and he deserves it). Ron Gilinsky can often be found at the Papas Tapas counter, there’s a guy with a VFW hat at the Brooklyn Bagel place and a genuine cowboy (Stetson Hat, boots and drawl) who rules the roost at McDonald’s near Linton Boulevard. He likes his coffee black and his Egg McMuffins too.
Foursquare had it right with the concept of deeming people “mayors” of certain places. Take a look, they are everywhere. And they tend to add flavor to the places they frequent.
We recently had lunch at Ruven’s Deli on Jog Road on the way to a day trip to Wakodahatchee Wetlands. There was a nice old man with the cutest little Yorkie sitting on a bench in front of the restaurant. Apparently he was a regular. We saw many people greet him and his dog as if they knew him. Some people sit on a park bench. Others are happy with a bench in front of a Jewish deli.
Speaking of the wetlands, you can see by the plaques how that magical place affects people inspiring loved ones to memorialize their relatives with messages reminding visitors that their moms and dads were regulars at Wakodahatchee.
There are two exceptions to this charming phenomenon: one if you are going to be that regular, –the mayor of such and such– it helps to order something not just sit around and cut into someone’s sales and tips. Two: it’s good to be a regular at the gym but you should go there to work out not to gossip or follow someone around as they pedal, pump and sweat. Just saying.
Music on the Avenue
Tryst is one of our favorite places on the Avenue and it just got even more inviting with the addition of music. “Tunes at Tryst” will be every Friday and Saturday night starting at 10:30 p.m. which guarantees that it will eliminate me from the audience (can’t stay up past 9:30 p.m.) But if we figure out a way to stay conscious you will see us in the crowd because we love music and we think Tryst is just an awesome place. You might see Marisa and Ryan, they are young and spry.
And what’s really great about the series is it appears Tryst will be spotlighting local bands and talent.
The Bandit and The Bass
Speaking of talent…we got word that “All About The Bass” singer Meghan Trainor spent a few days in Delray recently and that the “Bandit” himself Burt Reynolds visited the Arts Garage to see the wonderful Avery Sommers performing as Bessie Smith in “The Devil’s Music.”
Burt is no stranger to Delray. As you know, Burt is a favorite son of Palm Beach County, growing up in Riviera Beach. We had a chance to meet him many years ago when he filmed his detective series BL Stryker at the old Cathcart House on South Swinton. He was charming—once he was assured that we were not reporters for his old nemesis “The National Enquirer.”
Maureen Stapleton, who was a wonderful actress, was in that particular episode so we got to see her and Burt act, a true pleasure.
As for Avery Sommers, long time Delray watchers will remember her as the opening act in the Crest Theatre when that iconic space was restored years ago. Avery came back to Delray to wish her good friend Joe Gillie farewell at his retirement performance last year.
The Art of Retirement
Which leads us to Mr. Gillie; I personally have attended at least 17 retirement events for him during 2015-16. He can write the book—and hopefully he will—on how to stretch retirement out over dozens of events, tributes and years. We love you Joe.
The Presidential Race Includes Stops in Boca and Delray
It’s nice to see locals playing on the biggest stages in politics.
Our own Adam Hasner has been seen in the pages of the Wall Street Journal pushing his old ally from the Florida House Marco Rubio for president. Adam’s wife Jillian was working on the Jeb team before that campaign fizzled.
Blake MacDiarmid, who has done many a campaign in Delray and Boca, was quoted everywhere from CNN to the wire services opining on the Trump phenomenon.
Meanwhile, campaign cash is pouring in from key zip codes in Delray and Boca.
Delray Beach’s poshest zip code 33483 has been very active in the 2016 cycle. At press time, 33483 contributed about 27 times as much as the average zip code; a total of $987,863 and we are just getting underway.
Based on 2012 numbers, expect about $1.6 million to be donated in the 2016 cycle from the beach and downtown zip codes.
Who are the favorite politicians and causes in this zip code?
The National Republican Congressional Committee, Republican National Committee, Right to Rise (Jeb’s SuperPac), Marco and Hillary Clinton in that order.
In my zip code of 33444 (also Delray Beach) about $71,000 has been raised so far, twice the amount of the average zip code nationally. The top recipient is Congressman Ted Deutch. As for the presidential race, it appears my zip gives to Marco, Hillary, Martin O’ Malley and Chris Christie.
In Boca, the 33432 zip code is giving big. About $1.3 million, 35 times the amount of the average zip so far.
Right to Rise, Prosperity for Pennsylvania (huh?), the RNC, Marco and Clinton round out the top five.
We hate to date ourselves but… We went to see Byrds founder and Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn at Old School Square a few weeks back and had a blast.
McGuinn is a father of country rock who is an acoustic deity. To see him up close and personal was a thrill. We also enjoyed last month’s Saturday Night Fever—The Musical performance also at Old School Square’s Crest. The music of the 70s was just so good; it’s nice to see young performers channeling Tony Manero and Brooklyn before it became hipster heaven.
Until next month…