Functional Art: Art Meets Technology


Technology is art. Some people look at their iPhone and see a tool, a game machine or a social networking nightmare waiting to happen. Others see a design, a concept and the product of brazen imagination. Everybody sees things differently, is all. We all use the same piece of equipment, made from the same microchips and they all basically do the same thing. They are our mini time machines; connecting us to the rest of the world at the speed of light. “If we can paint a mural on a broken down wall in Miami, why can’t we make our phones visually stimulating?” says June.

June Tapia of Delray Beach feels the innovation of technology can be celebrated through the use of modern art. You look at your phone every day. It’s in your hands and in front of your face. It’s on your desk, your kitchen counter, in your car’s cup holder and just about anywhere else you’ve lost it in the past. When you find it again, wouldn’t it be delightful to find a beautiful design made by a talented artist, instead of just a lifeless piece of machinery? June believes so and she wants to promote her colorful vision by selling these wonderfully imaginative cases. June is originally from New Mexico where she was surrounded by the vivid colors of Native American and Chicano art. At a young age, June found a deep spiritual connection with art and nature. This was passed down from her mother and grandmother. Both are talented, self taught artists. Their strength, imagination and courage have inspired June to discover a path of art illustrating a fearless excitement for life. Today June is exited to release her Soul & Swirls collection in May at the popular coffee house, Spot Coffee in Delray Beach.  This collection joins abstract art and oil pastels on canvas. It also includes several acrylics on canvas pieces. Get ready to get hooked.  The colors are reflective. Imagination fills the canvases. A creative soul fuels her mind and flows through her fingertips. Swirls of red, green, blacks and blues embrace the texture of the canvas. Wait until you see her impressive pencil work drawings. Join June or stop by to see her art displayed all of May at Spot Coffee in Delray Beach. “I wanted my art to be accessible and something that you could see anywhere, not just in a home, gallery or coffee shop.  I wanted you to have it where you keep one of your most valuable commodities, right on your phone,” says June. Hang June’s soulful art collection in your home or buy one as a mobile phone case.  She will be featuring several of her favorite pieces as iPhone cases. This is something you do not want to miss. Soul & Swirls will be on display this June at Spot Coffee, located at 44 East Atlantic Avenue, in downtown Delray Beach. The cases are for sale at
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