Fusion Academy Expands To Boca Raton


Staff report

A new private school that focuses on one student and one teacher per classroom is slated to open in Boca Raton this spring.

Fusion Academy Boca Raton will be the second Fusion Academy in South Florida, just after the opening of Fusion Academy Miami.

Fusion Academy Boca Raton customizes every aspect of the educational experience for students in grades 6-12 and currently operates 47 other campuses in the country.

Driven by increased demand for non-traditional education options in Florida, Fusion is expanding to provide access to children for whom traditional school is not the best option, including those interested in exploring passions outside of school, such as acting or athletics.

Fusion Academy Boca Raton’s Head of School, Christina Seamster, has been in education for more than 14 years. Prior to joining Fusion, Dr. Seamster was an assistant principal for Florida Virtual School Full Time.

No stranger to unique instructional methods, Seamster completed her dissertation research on pedagogical practices in a non-traditional teaching environment at Florida Atlantic University and was featured in the “Handbook of Human Development in the Digital Age.” Jessica Rothschild, from St. Louis, Missouri, will join Seamster as the director of admissions and outreach. Rothschild has been in education for more than 10 years.

Additionally, Dani Wolff Ferrigno, MA, will join Fusion Academy Boca Raton as the community outreach coordinator. A Spanish River High School graduate, Ferrigno returned to Boca Raton 14 years ago, after working in San Diego as an educational therapist with Fusion Academy’s founder, Michelle Rose Gilman.

“One size doesn’t fit all, when it comes to Boca Raton’s student population. Some are visual learners, while others are hands-on, kinesthetic learners,” Seamster said. “Fusion Academy Boca Raton will support students by meeting them where they are in their academic career and customizing learning techniques to foster social, emotional and academic growth.”

Fusion also offers customized scheduling to meet the growing demands students face outside of school. At Fusion, homework is completed with help and supervision from a teacher in the Homework Café® on campus – students’ don’t take it home. This enables students to spend quality time with family and friends, or pursue competitive talents, sports and philanthropic work. Fusion’s revolutionary learning model takes a holistic approach with each student, focusing on their emotional and social well-being while providing the highest quality academics.

Coconut Creek resident Maria Pia Tedeschi, mother of 17-year-old Salvatore, first found Fusion Academy in New York. The family has been eagerly awaiting Fusion’s opening in South Florida, since moving to area one year ago.

“As a single mother, Fusion Academy has exceeded my expectations in not only supporting my son’s growth as a student, but supporting us as a family,” said Tedeschi. “Through Fusion, I know other families will find that if traditional school does not work for them, they are not alone.”

Fusion adds approximately 15-20 teaching jobs at each new campus, drawing highly-experienced, passionate educators who inspire growth through classes designed around student needs and interests. That number can increase up to 35 employed staff members at a full-capacity school. Fusion Academy teachers are not only passionate about what they teach, but are experts in their field.