Game Changer Boca’s MobileHelp celebrates 10 years, gives back to Volen Center


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Boca Raton’s MobileHelp is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new initiative that gives back.
A local leader in mobile Personal Response Systems, known as mPERS, MobileHelp has partnered with Boca’s Volen Center to provide at-risk seniors with access to emergency help if they are home or out and about.
“Our new relationship is part of an old relationship we have had with the Volen Center for a long time,” said Rob Flippo, CEO and co-founder of MobileHelp.
When MobileHelp was getting started, Flippo said the Volen Center opened its doors and allowed the company to speak with its seniors about what they would want to see in a product that would provide them with immediate emergency help with the touch of a button.
“Back in 2008, when we were busy really trying to figure out how our product was going to work, the Volen Center was nice enough to let us hang out in their Boca center and chat with some of their customers. Considering we were nobody in 2008, we hadn’t even completed the product, it was really nice of them to let us come in as a fledgling start up and let us work with them.”
Since then, the company grew from two employees originally located in the local library to
more than 160 in its current location at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, plus its monitoring center staff.
MobileHelp’s products help connect people with emergency personnel with the touch of a button. Since its start in 2006, products have options including automatic fall detection, medication reminders, activity tracking and a telehealth solution, in addition to its core medical alert system.
The company says it responds to more than 2,400 alarms daily and is located in more than 200,000 homes. MobileHelp officials estimate they answer a call for help every five and a half minutes.
“We get reports every week on how many people we helped,”Flippo said. “We are saving thousands of lives every week. We are helping keep somebody’s mother, grandmother, grandfather, father out of the hospital or worse every single day.”
Now, that same emergency help is going to be offered to a group of seniors who need it the most through a partnership with the Volen Center.
The initiative will provide both medical alert equipment and service free of charge to older adults who could benefit from access to emergency help, but who are not able to afford a subscription service.
“Ten years ago, we started a company that was based on the idea that access to emergency help should not be limited to the four walls of a person’s home,” Flippo said. “The locally operated Volen Center has grown under much the same ideals: that by supporting the lives of our community members as they reach their golden years, we strengthen the community as a whole.”
To start, MobileHelp presented the Volen Center with 10 of its SOLO systems at its recent anniversary celebration. The Volen Center will then be able to distribute the devices to its members and MobileHelp will work with the recipients to designate the right level of emergency service monitoring.
“Connecting our older citizens with the assistance they need to live the lives of their choosing is our mission,” said Robin Goldberg, Director of Special Events and Donor Relations for the Volen Center. “We look forward to the work we can do with MobileHelp to provide our members with a new solution to support their lives.”
Flippo said the 10 year milestone was an opportunity for MobileHelp to give back to a group that helped his company.
“We thought it was important to reach out and do something for them,” he said. “They helped us and now we are going to help them.”
The partnership fits in with the company’s recently updated vision of “be someone’s hero every day.”
“It really helped transform our company,” Flippo said of the new vision, which was adopted about a year ago. “We save lives. It’s a feeling that permeates through our company every day.”