Get Your Float On At Float8 Wellness Lounge


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Destiny and Matt Beck began floating as a way to decompress. Not in the ocean or in a pool, but in a floating chamber.

When yoga wasn’t helping her feel zen, Destiny Beck said she tried a Delray Beach floating center that has since closed.

With no light, sound or gravity, she said she was able to mediate and feel at ease. The experience was the same for her husband, who needed to de-stress from the life of booking bands and being in the nightlife scene.

Now, they are taking their way of ultimate relaxation and sharing it with others at their new Float8 Wellness Lounge, a multi-tank float center.

“It’s an alternative health and wellness treatment,” she said.“It is ideal for meditation and health.

It’s the best rest you can get.”

She said it helps people get into a creative state and a state of relaxation on par with the top yogis. It also can help people recovering from injuries or pain because of the weightless environment it provides.

The center, located at 616 SE 10th St. in Deerfield Beach features four isolation tanks for floatation therapy. It opened late August.

Each tank holds more than 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The water is heated and maintained to the same temperature of the surface of the skin 93°F. The tank is also light proof and sound insulated creating a quiet and dark space. With external sensory input at a minimum, floaters have a profound relaxation response.

“People walk out so zen,” she said.

Private rooms hold the tank and a shower where you can rinse off before and after your session. A typical session lasts about 90 minutes including time to shower before and after. Their model is membership based.

“Just like yoga or going to the gym, floating is a cumulative process,” she said.

The couple recommends trying three sessions to know if floating is for you. A three-pack of sessions cost $120, which is half off what it would cost for three individual float sessions. One session costs $80.

While there is no magic number to how often you should float, the couple said it is up the person doing the floating and what they can fit into their schedule.

The duo has floated all over the country and attended the National Float Conference for several years. They said floating is big on the West Coast of the country and in big cities like Chicago and Boston.

The goal is to become more than just a float center. They want to create a space for the community. They plan to offer workshops at their space that focus on things like mediation and deep breathing.

“We don’t want people to float and leave,” she said.

Float8 Wellness Lounge has a relaxation lounge with kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap, tea, and healthy snacks, as well as a meditation room and library for quiet reflection and mind expansion.

The space is also a working art gallery. Rotating artwork will be on display throughout the space. Currently featured is work by Jason Koerner, Kazilla, Because of the Lotus, and MarcPaperScissor.

Float8 will be open daily at 9 a.m. except Mondays it will be closed. For more information or to book a session, visit