Get Results with Group Interviews


By Andrea Hoffer Special to The Pineapple Hiring front line employees is often cited by managers as one of the most frustrating parts of their job. Finding the right team members can be time consuming and tedious. You sit through interview after interview and find that it may not produce the results you want. How often do you find yourself in one or more of the following situations? You suddenly have an opening you didn’t anticipate. You don’t have time to do a lot of interviews, so you hire the first person you find. The team member you hired gave a great impression during the interview. She said all of the right things. During the first few days of training, you find that she is easily distracted and not interested in learning the material. Your new team member talked about the importance of team work during the interview. The first week on the job you find that he didn’t mean a word he said. He is distant and uncooperative with his coworkers. I have found myself in all of the above situations more times than I care to admit. I learned that a string of individual interviews can be effective in some situations, but to find a GREAT front line employee you need to first see how he or she interacts in a group. The best group interviews are: • Informative This is the beginning of your relationship with your prospective employees. You want them to leave with a good idea of what it will be like to work with you and your current team. Describe the characteristics of past successful team members and why those characteristics helped them to be successful. Do they picture themselves in that description? If not, you will be surprised at how many people will say this isn’t for me. This will save you time and money. • Fun & Interactive There is no reason why an interview can’t be fun. Create interactive activities that will get them out of their shell. You will enjoy yourself and get to see how the candidates interact in a group. Design the activities to simulate the customer interaction experience. • Easy Make it easy for the candidates to know what happens next. If the next step in the selection process is a phone interview, then let them know what to expect and how to prepare. Present the group interview purpose as informational. Make it easy for them to bow out at this point if they do not feel it is the right fit for them. You will find the ones that are excited about the position will show it and those that aren’t will do the same. Group interviews are the best first step in the recruiting and selection process of front line team members. It allows you to meet and interact with several prospective team members at once in a fun and informative session. Make group interviews a regular part of your schedule to ensure you always have a pool of candidates. You may just spot your future star! Andrea Hoffer brings a unique perspective to consulting and training. A small business owner with 35 employees herself, she knows first hand the everyday challenges of motivating employees, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting business and revenue goals. Contact Andrea to help you improve the experience you offer your customers and employees. To contact Andrea Hoffer, see below. 561-829-5611