Gov. Rick Scott visits business at Research Park at FAU


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
Tucked away near Boca’s airport and Florida Atlantic University in Research Park at FAU, people are busy constructing a window shade that might be on your next flight.
Aerospace Technologies Group is one of the more than dozen companies that are innovating new creations at Research Park.
Gov. Rick Scott dropped by recently for a tour of the facility and to recognize the job growth the company has experienced over the past several years.
Simon Kay, president and CEO of ATG, told the crowd of employees, elected officials from the city of Boca, Palm Beach County and state, representatives from FAU and Boca’s Chamber of Commerce that he was the 10th employee of the company when he joined the team 10 years ago.
“Sales revenue was a nice round number, zero,” he said, quickly adding the company is currently bringing in a sales revenue of $40 million. “We are a market leader.”
Since 2011, he said the company has grown more than 30 percent. There are now more than 150 employees.
On site, windows are carefully being measured, designed and constructed throughout the facility. Rooms look like laboratories were workers are focused on precision.
The company provides different shade options for commercial airplane planes and business jets. It is the exclusive supplier to companies like Boeing and other major aircraft outfitters, Kay told the group.
“It’s fun to watch businesses grow,” Gov. Scott said as he awarded Kay a Governor Business Ambassador Award, which is a medal bestowed upon people who are adding jobs in the state.
He said Florida is “kicking Texas’s rear” when it comes to job creation. He said the unemployment rate in Palm Beach County is down to 4.9 percent and the county is doing well with job creation and retention.
“Florida is on a roll,” he said.
Mayor Susan Haynie added a plug for Boca specifically stating since 2010 the city has created and retained more than 8,400 jobs.
“Boca is open for business,” she said.