GRUBBRR Offers Restaurants A One-Stop Management Platform


Staff report

If you have ever placed an order on a touch screen in Pollo Tropical or Panda Express, it was likely on software developed by Boca-based GRUBBRR.

The company launched 4 years ago and was located in Miami. It relocated to Boca Raton when it was acquired by TouchSuite in September.

GRUBBRR’s platform creates an entire ecosystem for restaurants that communicates on one platform.

Director of Sales for GRUBBRR Carl Case said the average restaurant utilizes anywhere from eight to 12 different softwares to run the business.

Through GRUBBRR, that same restaurant can use one platform. That means if you have an issue with the kitchen display or the ordering kiosk, you call one number— GRUBBRR.

“We put everything into one space,” Case said.

For the customer, it means selecting whether you want dine in or take out and then ordering exactly what you’d like on an interactive display. You can also pay for your order right at the kiosk.

That information is then relayed back to the kitchen for the chefs to push out. All of that data is then saved for the restauranteur or franchise owner.

GRUBBRR’s program can generate reports on the most frequent customers, what items are most popular and what items aren’t selling.

Case said the software can generate hundreds of reports that help business owners with the operation and management of their restaurants.

If the owner of a pizza chain runs out of mushrooms, with the touch of a button on the platform, mushrooms will be eliminated from all locations ordering kiosks. If there is a special for just a week, that special can be added for a specific time frame only. That special can also be texted or emailed out to all loyal customers via the platform.

By the end of this year, Case said GRUBBRR will fulfill 6,000 deployments of its product. It is located across the country and in Canada.

For restaurants interested in adding a self ordering kiosk, the cost is a monthly lease of $299 per machine.

GRUBBRR also works with food lockers that will store orders and unlock with a code or a receipt for a delivery driver or person picking up the order, drive through kiosks and delivery services like Uber Eats or Delivery Dudes.

It has an ADA compliant ordering kiosk, a drive-through kiosk that can fare all weather conditions and is working on technology that uses facial recognition and smile to pay.

Outside the food industry, it is working with Curaleaf, a medical marijuana dispensary, to create a digital ordering kiosk for their customers.