Harden-Hart House Added To Delray’s Local Register Of Historic Places


Staff report

The longtime residence of former city manager David Harden, the Harden-Hart House, is now a piece of official Delray history.

The home, located at 516 North Swinton Ave., was added to the city’s Local Register of Historic Places last month.

The Lake Ida neighborhood home is the 43rd property on the list.

The home was not originally built in Delray. It was once located at 326 Pioneer Place in West Palm Beach. The house was slated for demolition as part of the expansion of the Norton Art Museum in the 1990s.

The Hardens saved the home in 1994 by moving it down the Intracoastal Waterway on a barge to a piece of property they purchased to build a home on.

It was one of three homes moved from West Palm Beach to Delray in what was called the “Parade of Homes” where hundreds of people watched as the homes made their way from Knowles Park west on 10th Street to Swinton Avenue.

The single-family residence was built in about 1925 and is designed in the Mediterranean Revival style.

The first homeowner was John Hart and his wife, Eliza. Records indicate Hart was from Ohio and was a professional civil engineer for the New York central railroad. He built the home and lived in it. The couple chose West Palm Beach after spending six seasons in the city, according to records. Hart lived in the home until he died at the age of 95 in April 1951.

David Harden and his wife, Andrea, have lived in the home since 1994.