Healthcare hometown hero: Boca internal medicine physician works through COVID-19 pandemic


By: David DiPino
Contributing Writer

From a primary care perspective, Dr. Raul Perez-Vazquez is providing treatment for a long list of common ailments during COVID-19 in his Boca office.

Dr. Perez-Vazquez understands it’s natural for some people to be reluctant in pursuing care dur-ing these uncertain times, even though they may be experiencing any of a wide range of ailments. But, Dr. Perez-Vazquez points out, open and safe healthcare protocols are in place. Dr. Perez-Vazquez, is an internist specializing in general internal medicine, preventive medicine, geriatric care, cardiovascular disease and hospital medicine.

“We have stringent protocols for hygiene and disinfection as well as use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by all healthcare providers in place making clinical settings safe to provide care,” said Dr. Perez-Vazquez.

He also offers telehealth visits which he feels is an outstanding tool for the patient, and for him, as an internal medicine provider.

“Telehealth has been an excellent tool that has allowed us to continue to provide care while, at the same time, keeping patients safe at home. Patients appreciate the ease of using our telehealth system, the accessibility and most of all, the ability to avoid waiting rooms and unnecessary con-tact during social distancing implementation,” said Dr. Perez-Vazquez.

In terms of COVID-19 related ailments, Dr. Perez-Vazquez is seeing different types of condi-tions during various stages of the virus.

“Fevers, body aches, headache, fatigue and gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, are some of the most common ailments during the acute infectious period. During convalescence we are seeing fatigue, and cyclical fevers, as well as persistent positive testing despite 14-plus days without symptoms,” said Dr. Perez-Vazquez.

Dr. Perez-Vazquez is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is on-staff at West Boca Medical Center. For his education and training, Dr. Perez-Vazquez completed his in-ternal medicine residency and internship at Wayne State University and Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI. Dr. Perez-Vazquez graduated medical school from Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ponce, Puerto Rico and Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico. He is bilingual in English and Spanish. Dr. Perez-Vazquez has been practicing medicine since 2009.

Dr. Perez-Vazquez’s Tenet Florida Physician Services office is located at: 9080 Kimberly Blvd., Suite 6, Boca Raton, FL 33434. For more information visit: or call 561-477-7761.