Kolter Group Partners With Boca Raton Children’s Museum To Introduce The “Rigamajig”


Staff report

One of Florida’s most beloved museums, Boca Raton’s Children’s Museum, has a new addition, thanks to a donation from Kolter Urban, a division of Kolter Group.

The “Rigamajig” is a new large-scale building kit made up of a collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and rope. The building kit supports cognitive learning through hands-on free play, and STEM and STEAM learning.

The concept is to create an engaging learning environment through imaginative interaction.  Children will be able to build structures as small or as large as their imaginations allow, with wooden planks that range from 12 inches to 44 inches.

Kolter’s commitment to creating better communities fits right in with the museum’s mission to broaden children’s awareness and teach them how to problem solve through creative and scientific exploration.

“We are so grateful for the support of Kolter Urban, one of Florida’s most respected developers. The Rigamajig will be such a great asset to our growing museum and mission,” said Ellyn Okrent, President and CEO of the Boca Raton Children’s Museum.

“Kolter Urban recognizes the importance of supporting and maintaining a healthy community which includes empowering young minds to explore the possibilities that come with the Rigamajig,” says Bob Vail, President of Kolter Urban. “Developing is part of our DNA as a company, and we are proud to share this passion with the children that visit the museum.”

Kolter brings over twenty years of experience with innovative residential development to each new endeavor. Headquartered in Palm Beach County, Kolter has introduced a vision of luxury that is continually raising expectations and new standards for the industry. Its current Boca Raton project is Moderne Boca, a modern contemporary masterpiece located in the heart of the city.  Kolter’s contribution to the children’s museum will positively impact the young developing minds of the community the museum serves.

The Boca Raton’s Children Museum is housed in the historic “Singing Pines” house, 498 Crawford Blvd., from 1913. The “Rigamajig” is currently available for play. For additional information, visit www.cmboca.org.