Kulinary Kidd: First Assignment


Sophia Lieuw-Kie-Song is The Food Beat’s Kulinary Kidd.  Sophia visits Delray Beach restaurants and shares their virtues through the eyes and tastes buds of kid. A self proclaimed “foodie,” Sophia visits with the establishments owners, chefs, staff, and customers, to provide viewers with an insider’s look at local restaurants.

Her first assignment was La Fiesta Cafe, a hidden gem on South Federal Highway where the family owned operation is all about fresh, and made-to-order, Mexican specialties. “My Mission as the Kulinary Kidd is to show that healthy, and tasty, choices for kids are available at Delray restaurants, and that eating out with our parents is fun, plus many times, we get to decide where we go. “I recently visited La Fiesta, owned by Marco and George. They were very warm and friendly. “What I enjoyed most about La Fiesta is cooking with Chef Monica. She is awesome! She also is an expert in Mexican cooking (even the history of Mexican dishes). I learned a lot. “I think La Fiesta’s dishes are healthy and delicious because they are very fresh. I can’t wait for other kids to try them. Then can make their own fajitas and experience authentic Mexican dining in a cool atmosphere. La Fiesta is also a great place to host a birthday as the entire restaurant…even other customers join in on the fun. “I am very happy with my visit to La Fiesta. It was fun to learn that kids can eat delicious Mexican dishes and have their veggies too. (the dessert was incredible too!) “I want kids to know that in many restaurants there is something great for them on the menu and their parents don’t have to worry if there is not a kids’ menu. “In the future, I would like the Kulinary Kidd to inspire kids to try new dishes with their parents. I would also like the chance to cook with other kids and show how we can make simple meals and snacks fun.” You can see Sophia’s visit to La Fiesta Cafe, and other episodes of the Kulianry Kidd, at www.thefoodbeat.com.