Lynn University drama students perform Disney songs for kids at West Boca Medical Center


Staff report

A hospital room at the pediatric unit at West Boca Medical Center became a pseudo stage for Lynn University freshmen as they performed a 30-minute show of Disney movie hits for kids in the hospital.

The kids received a small respite from their hospital beds as they heard the students perform songs from Disney favorites including Frozen, Pocahontas and The Princess and the Frog.

The students have been preparing for the performance since October. The show was a highlight of a three-week semester that Lynn University runs in January called J-Term. The shortened semester allows students to participate in experiential learning opportunities.

The musical theater majors worked on preparing a project that would bring smiles to kids in the hospital.

“It was so much fun seeing their reactions,” freshman Abbie Fricke said after the performance. “It was so inspiring to see them moving and dancing.”

Nurses and doctors on the pediatric unit stopped by to check out the performance. So did CEO of  West Boca Medical Center George Rizzuto, who told the students the show was the highlight of many of the patients’ day. He told the Lynn students they should be proud of themselves.

Patients clapped and sang along to the familiar tunes. One asked if she could meet the performers after the show was over. Of course, the students said yes.

Fricke said her goal is of course to make it to Broadway, but as long as she is performing she is happy.