Making Delray Beach Affordable & Modern


By Tara Monks The Pineapple Staff Writer As Delray Beach continues to gain attention for its easy living, inviting atmosphere and walkable convenience, it also continues to grow. Downtown Delray Beach is stretching at the seams, and residents, developers and architects are beginning to take notice. Jeffrey Silberstein is not only a resident of Delray Beach, he is also a local business owner. His architecture firm fits snugly between the north- and south-bound lanes of Federal Highway, two blocks north of Atlantic Avenue, beside a burgeoning vegan restaurant and a short walk away from his home. His firm, Silberstein Architecture, boasts a robust collection of awards, a full bibliography of press features and a portfolio of buildings and residences that range from custom-designed and cutting-edge compositions to (what his firm calls) Affordable + Modern. And according to Silberstein, Affordable + Modern homes could fulfill Delray Beach’s desire to attract young professionals, new families and other motivated individuals into the city’s limits, while upholding the city’s individuality and vibrancy. Silberstein moved his firm and his family to Delray Beach because he appreciates the urbanity of the city. He enjoys the walkability of the landscape and the light environmental footprint that accompanies living, working and enjoying life within his city. His love of Delray Beach can be discovered through conversation, whereupon the listener quickly learns he knows about all the city’s projects: past, present and future, and that he has kept a keen eye on the areas of the city that are in need of future development. “You have the opportunity to create landmarks within your city through architecture.” – Jeffrey Silberstein As Delray Beach continues to grow, it has a unique opportunity to preserve its individuality by creating structures that are not only beautiful, inviting and accommodating, but also representative of the era and respectful of its environment. It has the opportunity to do something completely different – to navigate the city’s development away from the jumble of imitation facades that plague surrounding areas and toward the timeless compilation of old and new. Affordable + Modern homes could considerably change the course of Delray’s neighborhoods. As many of the city’s older homes are being bought as tear downs to allow for larger, less obtainable homes, the question of affordability comes to mind for those who want to live and work in Delray Beach. While Affordable + Modern was not initially established in response to Delray’s development, its concepts and designs are undeniably representative of the contemporary growth that the city is now experiencing. Affordable + Modern was established to design and build homes for the contemporary Florida lifestyle. They offer nine different layouts that allow for the enjoyment of outdoor space alongside intimacy and privacy of a home. According to Silberstein’s website (, these homes were designed in response to the lack of options available to progressive homebuyers. And in this response, the firm developed the goal to provide innovative, strikingly beautiful contemporary homes at an affordable price and in a timely schedule. Affordable + Modern homes can already be seen around the Florida area, including Delray Beach. They offer clean lines, airy interiors and a connection to the exterior world of Florida’s sun, shady plants and water. These attributes emphasize the positive aspects of a close-knit community, allowing residents to live close enough for daily interaction as well as a sense of privacy and personal space. Furthermore, their design incorporates energy efficient insulation, windows and doors, among other elements, which provide for easier maintenance. These homes are what Silberstein hopes to use in his efforts to prove that modern architecture isn’t as cold as many assume. He has built homes in Ft. Lauderdale, Lighthouse Point, Delray Beach and Aruba that offer their owners warmth, comfort and a connection with their surrounding elements. His work has been featured in Home Miami, Home Fort Lauderdale, Home & Design and Florida Design, among others, and described as “smartly organized,” “logically livable” and landmarks in revitalized regions. The same could be said about Affordable + Modern homes in Delray, should the city’s neighborhoods seize the momentum of the movement. By allowing a new wave of architecture to brighten the streets of Delray, “You will have a neighborhood of people who are believing in the neighborhood again,” explains Silberstein. Introducing innovative, interesting and maintainable new homes into downtown’s surroundings will lead to a flood of new energy that will revitalize, develop and attract new residents to our already unique streets. This movement toward modern, affordable and livable homes in Delray Beach just “needs to hear more support for change.” Silberstein Architecture 524 NE 2nd Street Delray Beach, Florida 33483 561 – 276 – 9393