Meet Your Boca Raton City Council Candidates


Boca’s registered voters will be able to cast their vote for who they want to see fill two seats on the city council.

In anticipation of the March 13 election, we have reached out to every candidate who has filed to run for election or re-election.

This year there are two seats up for election, Seat C and Seat D. We reached out to each candidate who filed and asked them to complete our questionnaire. All candidates were asked the same questions:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are running for office.
  2. What are the top three issues you want to address in the city if elected?
  3. What do you see as Boca’s biggest challenge? What do you see as Boca’s biggest opportunity? 
  4. How will you work with constituents who do not share your viewpoint on topics? 

We have printed their answers as provided to us.

Candidate for Seat C, Kim Do did not respond to our questionnaire. Candidates for Seat D, Armand Grossman and Paul Preste did not respond to our questionnaire.