Meet the candidates: Boca’s Beach and Parks District Seat 1


We reached out to the candidates vying for seats on Boca’s Beach and Parks District commission. Each candidate was asked the same set of questions.
Here are their responses:
Incumbent: Dennis R. Frisch, DPM
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your age, how long you have lived in the district, your profession, your family.
I am a 61 year old podiatrist. I moved to Boca Raton in 1968 as part of the IBM growth spurt. I attended Boca Raton High School and then the University of Florida. I married Jennifer in 1977. We then lived in Chicago for 5 years as I completed my medical training. We returned to Boca Raton in 1983. I have lived in the District all of that time. (The district was formed in 1974.) Jennifer and I are the parents of 2 adult children. Ashley is married to Corey and living in Coconut Creek. They are the parents of my granddaughter and are expecting my grandson on Thanksgiving Day. Daniel lives in Boca Raton and married Lindsay 10-22-16.
Civic Involvement:
Past youth sports coach, assistant, or officer for boys and girls teams, Past president, Boca High football boosters, Past President x 2, Boca Raton Rotary Club, Member Boca Raton Rotary 1984 to present, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, City of Boca Raton 2007 – present, Greater Boca Raton Beach & Parks Commissioner, 2008 to present (8 years), Vice President, American Podiatric Medical Association, Served all elected officer positions, Palm Beach County and Florida Podiatric Medical Associations.
2. Why are you running for office again?
Unfinished business. I would like to see through the current projects and future issues that are currently on our table. These include completion of the Sugar Sand Playground, working with the City of Boca Raton to complete the Red Reef boardwalk and tower, upgrading and improving the Swim and Racquet Center and upgrades at Patch Reef Park. I would like to see us construct a second field house at Sugar Sand. Finally, I like to leave things better than I found them so I want to address the issues and challenges delineated in the next 2 questions.
3. What are the top three issues you want to address in the district if elected?
Achieving operational improvements and cost savings where possible so that the District can continue to operate in a fiscally sound manner and be prepared to meet new opportunities that may arise.
Purchase available properties for the general recreational use of the community as possible while planning for a sound improvement and maintenance program. This must be done in a fiscally responsible manner.
Establish a better inter-operational plan with mutual input and understanding between the District and City especially between the elected officers but more importantly between the staff and administrators of the 2 parties. (Policy & Procedure Manual)
4. What do you see as the district’s biggest challenge? What do you see as the district’s biggest opportunity?
The biggest challenge and opportunity are actually the same. They are the potential for purchase of the Ocean Breeze golf course and development of the Wildflower property. The opportunity to maintain green space for the recreation and enjoyment of the public is a fantastic opportunity. The challenge lies in the inability to “control” the situations. The Wildflower property needs to see a public vote that approves public space and then the city and possibly the district need to develop appropriate plans and finally financing arrangements. The Ocean Breeze golf course purchase must successfully navigate a complex negotiation between banks, developers, residents, the city, and the district. We must consider the future costs and financing for the redevelopment of the course to maximize profitability, usage, and benefit to the public.
5. What is your favorite park?
I prefer the parks that are mixed use such as Patch Reef and Spanish River Athletic Complex. I like them because they are active parks with various sports facilities that also provide for quiet family time with walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic facilities. But it is very hard to have a favorite when you consider our variety of beautiful facilities. How can you not love any facility with a boardwalk? Or the ocean? Or the turtles at Gumbo Limbo? Or the carousel and science playground? Our community is truly blessed to be the home to so many fantastic parks.