New app developed in Boca Raton merges shopping with gaming


By: Marisa Gottesman Associate Editor
When Social Voucher started, the company had dreams of creating a service that combined Groupon and social media.
But one meeting changed the entire vision. With help from consultants who were involved with the launch of Twitter, Waze and the augmented reality technology of Wisconsin-based ARrival Labs, the Social Voucher team, led by search engine Inktomi co-founder Gerald Parker, decided to combine mobile gaming and e-commerce.
The result, a new app called Stocket created in Boca Raton.
The interactive game gives users the ability to open and run their own store with products that can actually be purchased and delivered to your home. Stocket has 1,600 retail partners that sell all types of items from clothing from Nordstrom to televisions from Best Buy.
“We decided we didn’t want to be a shared coupon company,” Parker said. “This is the only real game out there. We have real products.”
It was during a staff meeting that he said his team decided online gamers and shoppers have more in common than you would think.
“Gamers and shoppers have the same psychology,” he said. “It’s habitual.”
So after about two years, Parker said he has created an app that can’t already be found in the app store.
The app is free and works across all mobile app platforms. When you sign up, you create your store and you can select seven products to sell. You can purchase your own items and items in other stores. You can invite your friends to purchase your products as well. Those actual products will arrive at your doorstep if you purchase them.
“Gamers aren’t just 14 and 15 year olds anymore,” Parker said, adding he thinks the game will attract online shoppers and aspiring entrepreneurs.
“We think we will create new gamers,” he said. “People who have always wanted to own their own business, but never had the money to do it.”
Eventually, he said he hopes the game will incorporate augmented reality features. To help implement those aspects, Social Voucher acquired Wisconsin-based ARrival Labs in 2014. Two consultants on the app are located in Tel Aviv. One sent the first ever Tweet and the other named the traffic app Waze.
Social Voucher has also received cloud server grants from Google and Microsoft.
“We think what we have created is going to create a lot of buzz,” Parker said.
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