New Directions For Young Adults Helps Students Learn Skills


By: Ethan A. Pond Lynn University Contributing Writer

New Directions for Young Adults, NDFYA, offers opportunities for adolescents to be successful while living in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.

The program inspires diversity allowing students to gain opportunities, enjoy and learn from their experiences as they enter young adulthood.

“Our goal is to provide independent living for young adults,” said Caitlin DeFlaun, executive assistant at NDFYA. “We provide therapeutic services and life management skills for our students to help them with their goals and successes in life.”

Some of the most notable job recruiters that NDFYA works with to provide jobs to their students include The Encore, The Embassy Suites of West Palm Beach, Kickback Hair Salon in Boca Raton, Whitehall, Florence Fuller, Vocal Point and also Target of Deerfield Beach.

“My job is to help the students get ready, to teach them the skills to understand what they need to have a job first,” said Paula Katz, vocational director at NDFYA. “So, I help them with the application process and then to help them craft relations with an employer needed to retain a job.”

The staff also facilities with accommodations and tutoring services for those that need extra support. The programs hope is for their students to succeed, and provide instructional benefits to those who need it. The students involved in the program are traversing in ‘New Directions’ of their young adult lives.

“New directions has changed my life,” student Lexie Van Orden said. “The staff have been amazing and they have helped me get my life back together. I used to be home doing nothing now I am a full time student at Lynn University. I have grown so much during my time at New Directions.”

Contact New Directions for Young Adults at 954-571-5102 for more information.