New members appointed to FAU Board of Trustees

Abdol Moabery has been appointed to the FAU Board of Trustees by Gov. Rick Scott.

By: Brett Pizzi

Governor Rick Scott has appointed two new members to the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees, Malcolm J. Dorman, M.D. and Abdol Moabery.
Both Dorman and Moabery will be joining the board until the end of the term in 2021.
FAU student government president Michael Cairo, a junior at FAU who has served on the student government for three years, will also be joining the board with them until May 2017.
Dr. Dorman is a highly praised heart surgeon and is also a part of the FAU College of Medicine advisory board. Moabery has served on the board since 2011, is a part of organizations such as His House Children’s Home and many others, and is a former attendee of FAU.
“I am honored to be re-appointed to the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees,”Moabery said in a statement. “Over the past 25 years, I have watched this amazing institution grow at an exciting pace. I look forward to continuing to serve the FAU community.”