Olympic Heights Chorus To Perform At Carnegie Hall


Staff report

About 30 Olympic Heights High School Chorus members will have the chance to perform at New York City’s Carnegie Hall this spring.

The students will perform with guest conductor Dr. Andre Thomas from Florida State University and orchestra.

And some of the students will need help to afford the cost of the spring break trip.

Choir director Richard Andreacchio said the trip will cost about $1,900 per student. There are are 110 students total in the choir and he said they had to audition to make it on the trip.

To fundraise, the students are selling lanyards for their student identification badges that double as phone chargers and cookie dough.

They will be launching a fundraising page to help off set costs for students. He said he is also looking for people or companies interested in funding items like breakfast vouchers, tickets to the Guggenheim Museum or T-Shirts.

“Anything anyone can do will be helpful,” he said. “It’s an expensive trip.”

His group is one of six choirs who will be performing. The trip is scheduled March 25-29.