“Om” Wasn’t Built in a Day: The Journey


By David J. Ramoy The Pineapple Contributing Writer We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not the destination but the journey that’s important”. There are plenty of feel good articles that give tips on how to “live in the now” and to “stop and smell the roses.” If you’re like me, you’ll read these articles and feel enlightened almost immediately as you prepare to change every aspect of your life. You then get distracted, forget what you just read and go back to living the exact same way. Well, I’m here to add on to the list of feel good articles. I will attempt to get you to enjoy the journey by not just smelling the roses, but decide why you want to smell them in the first place. I believe I have your attention. The “journey” as we like to put it, can be summed up as the story of your life. Intentions are set to become a doctor and somehow you end up a teacher. Maybe your original goal was to become a singer and you’re now a chef. Does this make your original destination obsolete? Absolutely not! The original goal of becoming a doctor or singer is what led you to your chosen path. The key word here is chosen. Despite all the obstacles life will throw at you, when you are determined to succeed there’s nothing on this planet that will stop you from fulfilling your destiny. However, while on your journey, you may discover new aspects of yourself that no longer fit your original intention. Smelling the roses should not be your concern, but rather what has changed in your life or your mind to make you pass them by. What has you distracted from your own journey? When you notice you are not connected or passionate about your original desire, allow yourself the freedom to reassess. Give yourself time for reflection to rediscover who you are again and what road you want to be on. “Sometimes while chasing a dream, we find a new one along the way”. To be in sync with your journey there is only one piece of advice that I could think of to keep you vested for more than 5 minutes. Why did you get up this morning? Determine your reason for getting up in the morning. Do you get excited by the thought of starting your day and continuing on your current path? Yes, of course you can continue with a job you don’t see a future with or watch TV every night instead of planning your trip around the world, but why? Does what you do on a day to day basis resonate with your own personal journey. The greatest part of this is that you have the ability to change anytime you want. In order to live the life you desire, despite which path you are currently on, be committed to figuring out what you really want, no matter how often it changes. Be committed to the journey. Check out David Ramoy’s website for class times and more. www.davidramoy.com Davidramoy@gmail.com