Op:Ed On how to change relationship between City of Boca, Beach & Park


By: Erin Wright
Special to the Boca Newspaper
The current Beach & Park Commission members continue to downplay the poor communication between the Commission and both the city staff and council. Poor communication leads to poor relationships.  This issue must be acknowledged and addressed. It will not just go away.T his is not to say that the city cannot be partially blamed for the problems. When two parties are involved, both need to be team players. However, focusing on the Commission, the reasons for the current state of affairs is complex, but we have to start somewhere!
One of the main issues is the attitude of the Commission toward the city, including their threatening of public jobs. How can two parties have a relationship based on trust and mutual respect when one threatens another?  This is exactly what has happened. The two entities could not come to terms on certain topics, and the Commission proceeded to threaten the city’s public jobs.  They thought that privatizing the operation and maintenance of the parks and beaches would be beneficial but this action has, of course, tainted the trust between the two. This is why I have the support of the Boca Firefighters– they believe in defending other city workers, and anyone who would threaten their jobs is not someone they want in a position of power.  I, as a commissioner, would never take a hostile, negative position. I would try and cooperate with those that have differing opinions than myself.
Open communication is vital to the success of a city and its operations, and this is why the Beach & Park Commission is in desperate need of a change. Accountability and respect must be prevalent if the Commission and the city hope to collaborate effectively; threats and distrust will only lead to failure. Voters now have a chance to change the culture of the Commission. I’m Erin Wright and I hope to be that change.
Erin Wright is a candidate for Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District, Seat 3.