Party Like A Real Housewife At Home


Staff report
Ever want to throw a party like one of the real housewives of Bravo TV? We asked local event planners Brian Kelly and Sean Koski of Ticket2Events, for a few tips and ideas. Ticket2events has had their fair share in planning for The Real Housewives. From working with Jill Zarin, (planning her annual Luxury Luncheon in The Hamptons) to Kristen Taekman, (the guys put together a shopping event for her just last year) Ticket2Events knows how to party like the Real Housewives.
When planning an event Sean & Brian say to make sure a cause to gathering. Raising funds for charity or awareness for a non-profit organization near to your heart are great causes to party.
“We know Housewives love ‘shopping for a cause’” said Brian Kelly of Ticket2Events.
Shopping for a cause Housewives’ style can be just as lavish as it sounds.
“Typically we’ll call in the top stylists from brands like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue to bring over to the event the latest looks for the ladies to peruse,” Sean Koski said, adding in the factor that a certain percentage goes towards the charity of hostess choice also lessens the blow when spending thousands of dollars on designer looks.
You don’t need to be going to a party to get all dolled up either – just create an event in the name of it. Ditch the day at the spa and have your own in the comfort for your home with all your closest friends. The Real Housewives are always on the go so hiring the services of your personal glam squad or in case you don’t have one, there’s an on-demand beauty app for that, is key. These types of parties are easy to do, just call to hire a few of the apps technicians for hair, makeup, nails and massage and you’re all set.
Invite some friendly competition to your next fete by having a who doesn’t sweat, but glistens competition. Bring in your personal trainer and show how you got your rockin’ bod! Treating your guests to a complimentary workout class at your home is just another reason to party like one of The Housewives. Remembering to have an onsite juicer will also set you above the rest. Complete your anti-sweat event with parting gifts for everyone like custom yoga mats with their names engraved and week long passes to train with your workout guru.
Wine tastings are great, but what about having the wine maker at your event. To party like one of the Real Housewives, you’ll need to have the finest wines to serve and what better way to do so than having the wine maker there to explain why it’s all so good! If you’re more into food, aim to hire a celeb chef to cook his famous deconstructed menu that’s sure to really wow your guests.
When if you do decide how you’re going to party like one of the Real Housewives know that the sky is the limit and impressing your friends should be an effortlessly fun feat. If you can think it, and afford it of course, it can be done. If you’re unable to plan your fiesta solo, visit for assistance from your local experts.
If you’re interested in attending an event with The Real Housewives from Bravo TV this summer in The Hamptons contact Ticket2events for more information.