Perfume Company Relocates From Caribbean To Boca


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

The scent of the Caribbean is now headquartered in Boca Raton.

Tiv Perfume relocated from the Virgin Islands to South Florida about a year ago.

President of the fragrance company Cynthia Jerry is now a Delray Beach resident with her family business headquarters in Boca.

“We made a fairly major decision to move from being in retail stores to completely online,” she said. “We made the decision that we could successfully redevelop the marketing plan to move away from retail stores. The next decision was where do we go?”

That shift involved moving offices as well and she said Florida made sense.

“Delray is a lovely place to live and Boca is just a marvelous to do business in,” she said. “I love both areas.”

South Florida has a tie to the Caribbean in both tourism and population and she said she found the state to be very business friendly.

“It made the decision fairly easy,” she said. “We are happy to be in the business community in Boca.”

Jerry said the company was founded about 35 years ago.

“The concept was to develop a fragrance that was a designer fragrance coming from the Caribbean,” she said.

The scent: a blend of florals and spices.

“It was done deliberately,” she said of the scent. “When you think of the mystique of the Caribbean and how it exudes a certain sensuality and a certain exotic realm. These were the things that were important in the fragrance of the Caribbean.”

It was launched in the Bahamas in retail shops. The buyer— women travelers who like to experience new products, she said.

From then, the product was in Hecht’s, now Macy’s, department stores in Washington D.C. for three years.

“We had a wonderfully successful run in the stores for a three year period,” she said. “We were the smallest vendor ever in the fragrance department.”

Keeping up with the Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder brands was tough, she said, but she was able to grow from being carried in seven stores to 60 in that three year span.

“We had to compete at every level,” she said. “It was just overwhelming.”

From retail she took the business to mail order and now to online sales.

She said she has maintained a loyal customer base over the years and is happy to be shifting gears into online sales. With help from her son Frank who is overseeing marketing, she said she is pleased that everyone has a role in the business.

Jerry combined her passions for perfumes and being an entrepreneur in creating this company. She worked in the fashion industry before launching Tiv.

“I always loved fragrance,” she said remembering the first bottle of perfume she received from her mother. “I was a happy teenager.”

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