Pet Safety Stickers Alert First Responders About Furry Residents


Staff report

You can let first responders know you have pets inside your home in case of an emergency without even being there to tell them.

Pet Safety Stickers, an existing program in Palm Beach County, has received some more attention this year thanks to a partnership between Palm Beach County and Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

The stickers are free and should be placed on front and back doors. They notify first responders that you have a pet in your home.

“My concern has always been pet safety,” volunteer Lance Berkowitz said.

Berkowitz serves on several advisory boards and is vice president of nonprofit Community Assistance & Benefit Corp., which raises money to purchase the stickers and other life saving equipment for the fire rescue department.

The nonprofit recently paid for 100,000 stickers and has been securing locations that will help distribute the stickers to pet owners. The goal is to distribute 150,000 stickers to pet owners throughout the county.

Stickers can be found at fire stations.

“Everywhere we go, we have stacks and stacks of stickers,” he said of his wife and dog, Rosie.