Piñon Grill: A Gem At Boca Town Center


By: Natalya Jones Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Most mall restaurants consist of cheap takeout stabbed by toothpicks and distributed by bored staff members. But as appealing as food is that’s been sitting out all day and has the nutritional equivalent of a cardboard box, some people may want to eat something that’s, well, edible.

Enter Piñon Grill, where I recently dined for the first time. Let’s start things off with a libation or two, shall we? My poison of choice was the Dirty Pig, a martini created with Ketel One Vodka, olive brine, and hand torched bacon-wrapped bleu cheese stuffed olives. It was tasty with a kick and although salty, it wasn’t too overwhelming, maintaining the bacon taste the whole way through. This drink was not for the faint of heart, but definitely fitting for after long week.

For an appetizer, I would suggest the limited time mussels. It had a strong tomato taste, but was not spicy as one might suggest (although, I do enjoy a nice kick in the mouth when it comes to hot foods. Everyone is different). The mussels themselves were fresh and juicy.

Sticking with the seafood route, I chose the Asian Sea Bass as an entree, which is Chilean sea bass, sherry-soy broth, sticky rice, fresh spinach, and seared vegetables.

The veggies were satisfyingly crunchy, which the rice was tangy and sweet. The fish itself was crispy and flaky on the outside while remaining buttery and soft on the inside. There was no need for a knife – the sea bass was so tender, I cut it with a fork. Fresh ginger truly brought the different flavors together, creating a truly savory meal.

Ending on a sweet note was the blueberry tart pie. The dessert was an explosion of different flavors, which somehow were compatible. My taste buds were dancing with notes of citrus and fruit, accompanied by a  soft crust and fluffy, cloud-like whipped cream. The cappuccino proved to be the perfect after dinner beverage, with hints of cinnamon in every sip.

For a sophisticated meal at an affordable price, fill up on Piñon Grill before you shop.

Piñon Grill is located at 6000 Glades Road. Suite 1390, in Boca Raton. Call (561) 391-7770 or visit pinongrill.com.