Rocktober Brewfest October 5-6 in Lake Worth’s Bryant Park


Lake Worth is known for its funky, eclectic vibe! This October, the Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce is going to kick into high funky 90’s vibe with two great national acts from the 90’s taking the stage at Lake Worth’s own Bryant Park! Headlining Saturday are the boys from Southern California, Eve 6. Eve 6 are most well known for their monster hit singles “Inside Out” and “Here’s to the Night” and “Think Twice”. Go You Tube Eve 6, you’ll know their songs! Topping the bill on Sunday is Tonic! Tonic topped the charts with “If You Could Only See” CLICK for video and “Open Up Your Eyes”. In addition to the great music, Rocktober BrewFest features a wide variety of great craft beers, arts & crafts and food vendors. Check out our website and Facebook page at and