Saint Andrew’s School Spanish Honor Society Visits Boca Raton Museum Of Art


By: Emma Swill, Student Correspondent Special to the Boca Newspaper
Spanish Honor Society students at Saint Andrew’s School had the opportunity to visit the Boca Raton Museum of Art in Mizner Park on Thursday, Nov. 17th.
They experienced a tour of the exhibit Krome by Jose Alvarez – Portraits about the humanization of Immigrants in a season of denomination. Mr. Alvarez was born in Venezuela in 1961 and presently works and lives in South Florida.
During an unfortunate circumstance in his life he found himself in Krome Detention Center in Miami. His artwork captures the personal stories and intimate portraits of his time being detained.
The students involved in the honor society expressed that they were thrilled to view such a dramatic exhibition.
The museum docent, Sandra Miller shared, «The portraits spoke to all of the students. They were honored to share part of the artist›s life. The exhibit is just fabulous.»
“We could not believe that he created the artwork by using a broken pen and scraps of paper,” said Junior, Mckenzie Kupi. The students and faculty certainly benefited from their visit.
The exhibit Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), Krome will remain at the museum on exhibit through Jan. 8 and is made possible by the Museum’s Exhibition Fund.