Schedule more self-care in the new year


By: Heather McMechan Contributing Writer

Self-care is so important. It’s been something I’ve been working on since October. I know we have our good days and bad days. It’s truly constant homework to make sure we take care of ourselves.

January is always a good time to make those goals for yourself. It’s time to start your self-care routine and get that calendar out right now and put these reminders in your phone. Here are a few things we know we should truly do for ourselves. And today is the day to start.

Make sleep part of your self-care routine.

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Take care of yourself with some much needed maintenance

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Exercise daily as part of your self-care routine.

If you’re not up for joining a gym or having the pressure of a class, what about a walk to the beach. Put the baby in the stroller. Park downtown and head over the bridge for some deep breathing and salty beach breeze. Isn’t this why we live in South Florida?

Eat right for self-care.

If you don’t have time to cook for your family, then what about trying the Koki-Experience. This service is for a family in need of fresh healthy homemade meals. Four dinner meals are included, chef prepared in your home and personalized for your family.  (No Subscription Required) Go to to book your experience. It’s a life saver.

Take care of yourself by getting organized.

Join the 31 Day Declutter Challenge at Local Mom Scoop. We’ll be taking the next 31 days to get our homes and minds organized to take on the New Year. If you take 15 minutes a day, you can get organized the things that are out of control. It’s all moms really want for the New Year. If that doesn’t seem like enough time for you, you’ll see catch up days included. Or if you have the extra time then just go for it. Go to for more details.