Scott Singer still Boca’s mayor, Seat A results trigger recount


By: Marisa Herman
Associate Editor

Scott Singer will continue to serve as Boca Raton’s mayor.

Voters overwhelmingly supported Singer in his race to remain mayor at the polls. He received 63 percent of the votes cast in the election. According to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections’ website, he received 11,801 votes of the 18,622 votes cast in the mayoral race.

His challengers, Al Zucaro and Bernard Korn received 6.249 and 572 votes, respectively.

Zucaro ran for mayor twice in a row and lost both times.

Singer retained the seat he has been filling since Mayor Susan Haynie was arrested and suspended from office in April. Her suspension from office triggered the special election.

Since Singer vacated his seat, an election was also held to fill Seat A.

There was no clear victory in that race. The three-way contest placed two candidates in a tug-of-war for votes. And a day after the election, a winner was still not clear.

Kathryn “Kathy” Cottrell and Andy Thomson were exactly tied with 7,872 votes at one time on election night. At one point, Cottrell led by 35 votes and later Thomson by three votes.

The closeness triggered a recount. They both edged out candidate Tamara McKee, who received nearly 12 percent of the votes.