Seminole casino offers fare for all occasions


Staff report
Even if poker and slot machines aren’t your thing, the Seminole Casino offers a variety of options for date nights and Sunday brunchers looking for a new spot.
We were recently invited to check out all the offerings the casino has during a “Bloggers Night Out” event. We were able to sample bites, cocktails and wines at some of the different venues inside the casino.
For those looking for an all-you-can eat experience, Fresh Harvest is a Vegas-style buffet without the flight and time difference. The chef explained that you should take an item when you see it because it may not be replenished. Once an item is gone for the night it is gone. That is a way for the restaurant to keep items fresh. This restaurant has a more casual vibe.
While we didn’t sample directly from the buffet, we tried two items prepared by the chef. The Ahi Poke Poke was a small bite that packed flavor of ahi tuna and avocado on a bite-size chip. The Braised Pork Wing was a fun take on a chicken wing made out of pork, but the star of the small plate was the Peruvian purple potato that burst into flavor due to a celery root puree that was mashed in.
When it comes to upscale dining there are two restaurants at the casino.
For Italian lovers, Sorrisi has intimate rooms for private events, family-style tables and date night set-ups.We were in a private room with several tables that seated four. A guitar player softly played music while we tasted the bread served on the table with asiago cheese and a garlic olive oil spread.
Here, we sampled a Lobster Ravioli, which was really nearly an entire lobster tail with a ravioli also stuffed with lobster meat. The cognac lobster cream was heavy, but the lobster was light and succulent.
We also tasted the Grilled Romaine, an interesting take on a salad. The grilled char and texture on the lettuce was refreshing as was the balsamic dressing drizzled over it.
For classic steakhouse lovers, NYY Steak has tons of meat kept in a meat locker that welcome you as you enter the restaurant.
We started with the restaurants Osetra Caviar Service, which was appropriately paired with champagne.
For the table, NYY Signature Thick Cut Bacon was served. The house-cured and smoked bacon came out hanging on a clothes line. Full disclosure, I don’t eat bacon, but my dining partners raved about the flavor. I dug into the cornbread it was paired with, which was sweet and decadent.
The main course was a Prime Dry-Aged New York Strip that was served with Creamed Spinach. The meat came out a cool medium rare and went well with the Cabernet it was paired with.
For dessert, the NYY Steak Signature 151 Volcano, a vanilla ice cream with Heath bar and flambé with 151 Rum was served family style. The presentation of the flambé didn’t disappoint to garner oohs and ahs.
And if you were still hungry, after dinner drinks and a dessert station was displayed on level2, which is the smoke-free section of the casino. The lounge-like area provided a place to unwind and chat after tons of eating.
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