SHASHI Cool Feet Socks provide style, comfort, performance features for workout classes


By: Marisa Herman Associate Editor

Natalie Lerch Sudit has always been into ballet, pilates and barre. And while there are plenty of cute outfit options, she noticed when it came to sock options she was limited.

“There wasn’t anything pretty in the market,” the founder of Boca-based SHASHI Cool Feet Socks said, adding most sock options were ill-fitting and not performance driven.

She wasn’t necessarily looking to open a sock business, but with the trend of athleisure-wear on the rise, she thought it was time to create a performance sock that was fashion forward.

“People were starting to pay attention to what you’re wearing to class,” she said. “People were completing the whole look with ugly socks. It was time to have a performance sock on the market.”

SHASHI Cool Feet Socks are designed to keep your feet feeling clean and refreshed while staying active. The mesh studio sock utilizes COOLMAX® technology, specially designed fibers that transport moisture away from your body to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates.

The socks can be worn in all types of work out classes from barre to spin and can go from the gym to the streets.

“You don’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your feet and they have a grip to them,” she said. “Effortlessly the sock translates from a studio environment to an every day environment.”

She said the socks are performance based, but are fashionable to wear to a party.

The first SHASHI sock debuted in 2013. It took Sudit several years to bring the product to market. The sewn-in mesh material makes the sock difficult to produce, so it took time to find a manufacturer.

The mesh material is what prevents feet from becoming clammy during workouts, she said.

“SHASHI sock is the closest thing to barefoot you can get,” she said, adding you won’t be thinking about taking off your socks mid-workout. “The socks are shaped to fit your feet and there is no bulky fabric that you are pulling on when you are working out.”

SHASHI socks come in five different styles including regular toe, spilt toe, open toe, no show and ballet tie. There are more than 10 color options. Different styles include the classic plain mesh, tattoo socks that feature a tattoo design on the front, the star line, which is sparkly, the sweet line, which has metallic colors and a Palm Beach line with patterns. There are options for men, too.

Sudit has a background in graphic design. The running dog mascot was modeled after Sudit’s dog. And the name SHASHI is the nickname used for her son when she was pregnant with him.

SHASHI socks start at $16 per pair. They can be purchased on Amazon.