Spring Cleaning – Part 1 (Of 2): Seasonal Rotation


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

For us Floridians, Spring Cleaning may not be as big a task as it is for our pals up North, since their seasonal rotation of wardrobes, gear, tools and supplies tends to be more extensive. Still, we have our work to do!

Whether you tackle this project in a weekend, or over several weeks, a systematic approach is smart.

First, go through each room to separate the off season stuff, additionally, identify what you no longer use or like: Mark your piles to Keep, Donate, Recycle, Sell, Trash. By keeping these piles contained your home will remain functional. (Remember that memories do not live in the things, but in your heart, and happily, can be preserved in pictures)

Donations that are not going to friends and family can be contributed to non profit organizations that help people and animals in need. Many of them offer pick up service and all of them give receipts for tax deductions.

If you’re considering selling something, a bit of due diligence can save you time and effort.

We often imagine our things have a higher re-sale point than they do.

Used jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, clothing, and sports gear take a hit on value after the original purchase. Be realistic.

Extend the “purge and organize” process to your garage and storage unit. Remove what you’ll be needing for the next 6 months, including decorations, while making room for incoming off season items. Evaluate the goods from last year, before putting them away, with the same sharp eye to keep, donate, recycle, and trash, that we discussed earlier.

Next, let’s prepare closets to be season ready. Separate out what you won’t be using for 6 months. Keep a few things handy for unseasonal weather.

Then, pack. You can number your boxes, and create a file detailing contents. Or, simply tape a 3×5 card to the box, listing the items inside. Be neat so you can read your own writing. Cover the entire 3×5 card with clear packing tape so it doesn’t get ripped or lost. Place the card or number so it can be seen when the boxes are stored.

This very good habit of Spring Cleaning makes for a better quality of life on every level. You’ll feel happier, save time, be smarter about new purchases, and save money!

After a good cleaning, you may consider yourself done.

However, if you want to dig deeper (into the home office, photos, CDs, pantry, garden, AC, roof, accoutrements for hobbies, playroom, books) see next month’s “Spring Cleaning Part 2” Digging Deeper, It’s Worth the Effort!

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