Spring Cleaning Part 2: Digging Deeper, It’s Worth The Effort


By: Cheryl Adelman Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

Home Office

Eliminate non office items. Move those things to where they belong! De-clutter what is left. Be sure to check your tech.

Re-route wires, update your tech set up. If you have not already done so, acknowledge that it is 2018, and attend to your files accordingly. Then, purge the drawers, desktop, shelves, bookcase. Now, Clean. Set up the tools you use most, closest to you.

Photos, Music, Digital Clutter

I found experts to help us.

Digital Photos: https://www.lilblueboo.com/2012/11/how-to-organize-and-print-years-worth-of-photos.html

Physical Photos: https://www.lifestorage.com/blog/organization/need-organize-photos-get-started/

Music: https://www.lifestorage.com/blog/organization/need-organize-photos-get-started/


“How to Spring Clean your Digital Clutter to Protect Yourself”,



Empty everything. Yes, you have to. Clean the shelves. Replace liners. Set aside expired items. Categorize remaining items into similar use groups. Separate items you use most from those you use least. Donate what you’ll never use. (Expired and unwanted items can be emptied, so jars can be recycled or repurposed.)

Putting things away

Set up a snack basket for the kids, and easy to reach spot for their drinks.

A see-through, over- the- door organizer can be used for small items that tend to get lost. Save space by using wire baskets, find items easily with see through plastic containers, labeled jars, lazy Susan, spice steps, etc. Use up older foods first by placing them in front.


What’s more important to Floridians than our air conditioners?

DIY maintenance is possible. You’ll have to turn the unit off for 1/2 a day, yikes! But you’ll experience increased efficiency, decreased costs, greater longevity of the unit. Here’s how…



Bloggers, “organizing moms” share information that is realistic, and have ideas that are inexpensive and attainable. For the playroom they suggest,  “don’t expect perfection”, “don’t label, not even with pictures” until toys get more intricate, and my favorite, “rotate toys.”

Realistic Playroom Organization


Do not overlook caring for your roof.  Probably the biggest ticket item for homeowners, the roof is vulnerable to damage from our severe weather.

Check for leaks, which can also cause secondary damage. Check for mildew and algae, which can be caused by trees. Trim trees and pressure wash mildew and algae.


Love beadwork? Enamored with mosaics? Do you display Holiday decorations year round?

Keep your hobby space organized with clear jars, hooks, magnets, labels, shelves, containers, more labels!

Simple Solutions to Declutter and Organize Your Hobby Room


A tip for golfers

How to organize golf clubs: http://golftips.golfweek.com/organize-golf-clubs-1420.html

Some clutter free hobbies are dancing, yoga, walking, writing, music; listening or playing, reading, birdwatching, meditation, museums, volunteering. Hobbies are good for us, adding quality, health and happiness!

Cheryl Adelman, Home Organizer, Owner, Organize In A Day™, Thumbtack Top Pro 2017, Writer-Columnist-Speaker, 609-287-3119, organizeinaday@gmail.com or organizeinaday.com