Summer In Boca


By: Councilman Robert Weinroth Special to the Boca Newspaper

Year-round residents have always known the secret of summers in South Florida. After the snowbirds’ migration north, leaving the year round residents to heave a collective sigh of relief, the pace of life slowed, reservations for local restaurants were unnecessary and traffic moved through town more smoothly.

The fallacy perpetrated on those departing residents was life in South Florida during the summer was unbearable. Truth be told, the temperatures in the northeast often exceeded those reported here and our homes, schools and recreational amenities were designed for summer whereas people living in the northeast were not as well prepared to withstand the regular heat wave.

There was a very clear downshift in activity. An abundant calendar of social activities was replaced by finding ways to endure the humidity, afternoon rains and the occasional tropical storm.

Much has changed over the past twenty years. Vehicle transporters still can be seen in March and April but there a fewer and they are generally congregating around the retirement communities.

Boca Raton has evolved into a year-round city with young families raising and educating their children in a nurturing environment which does not go into hibernation until the “snowbirds” flock back in the fall.

There are many planned events during the summer to supplement the family activities available on over 300 acres of public recreation land in the city.

The city’s 2017 edition of “Summer in the City,” continues this month with a tribute to Fleetwood Mack on Friday August 4th and a tribute to Bob Marley on Friday April 11th.

Both free concerts will be held at the Mizner Park Amphitheater at 8PM followed by The Symphonia’s performance of the music from A Space Odyssey on Saturday August 12th at 8PM.

Throughout the month of August, the Boca Chamber Festival Day events offer a number of events designed to raise money for many of its non-profit members. In 2016 over $500,000 was raised during BSFD.

This year, the first event actually occurs on July 29th with Bell Rock Capital and Spirit of Giving partnering to provide 4,000 at risk children with school supplies to ensure they have the tools to succeed. The event will be held at the Village Academy Center (400 SW 12th Ave Delray Beach FL) from 9 a.m – 3 p.m.

The entire schedule (including admission fees) is available at

Clearly, summer is a time to get out and enjoy all that our city has to offer.