Super Bowl Champion, Former Miami Dolphin Jed Weaver On Real Estate


1. How many years did you play in the NFL and what was it like winning a Super Bowl?
I played six full seasons, which is over 100 games. I started with the Philadelphia Eagles, played three years with Miami Dolphins and won the ultimate prize with the Patriots. Winning the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of success in football and it was up to that point the greatest accomplishment of my life. No words can express the excitement and satisfaction I felt once we were crowned champions!
2. What made you want to become a Realtor and join Mizner Grande Realty?
I played on several different teams, so I was used to having to search for real estate in a new market and never felt like I got good help from my realtors. They were focused on getting paid rather than what was best for my situation and needs. So what I focus on for my clients, especially the athletes I work with, is the best property that brings the best opportunity for enjoyment, appreciation and future profit. I joined Mizner Grande Realty after meeting their owner and broker Ari Albinder. He has the highest standards, works hard for his agents and clients, and is someone to emulate in this business.
3. Are there any similarities selling real estate and playing in the NFL?
The biggest similarity is studying the best properties like I used to study the playbook.  This was a crucial element to succeeding in the NFL and creating a game-plan to win on Sunday. It’s important to have a game-plan in the real estate world too.
4.  What big deals have you pulled off and consider real estate touchdowns?
I just closed on 340 feet of ocean to Intracoastal land in Hillsboro Beach. It’s the largest single family land sale in Hillsboro Beach’s history!
My very first sale on Hillsboro mile was in 2009 to a former teammate who built a new house there. It is still one of the lowest sales for land after the crash, so I’m proud of the fact I got him an amazing deal for appreciation and profit in the future if he ever decides to sell.
I had another lot on Hillsboro Mile that I sold to a client from New York, which was a very difficult short sale. It was a lot of hard work and preparation to get the deal done. Now they are building a house for their family to enjoy for decades and thrilled with the deal they got.
One of my most satisfying deals was a condo short sale on Fort Lauderdale beach.  It was a short sale for a former teammate and we were able to get the deal done and get my client free from debts and repercussions from the lender. It really helped him and his family out and gave them an exciting future.
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