Take Your Home Organization to a Whole New Level


By Heather McMechan  The Pineapple Contributing Writer When the New Year arrives, I start to reflect and realize how chaotic my life or maybe my house has become from the holidays. Out of towners are gone. Opened Christmas gifts and toys are still under the tree or shoved in the corner of the bedroom. With the hurry of the holidays, clothes and things get thrown in cabinets, drawers or thrown over a chair. When I met, Marissa Hagmeyer, a South Florida Professional Organizer from NEAT Method, I knew I would complete one of my New Year’s Resolutions and that’s getting my home organized. NEAT Method is a company committed to bringing style, comfort and efficiency to homes across the country has hit the scene and is now offering its services in Delray! NEAT Method, is the nation’s largest professional organizing company and I am thrilled to announce that South Florida homes can now experience what the girls of NEAT Method call the NEAT life. Besides creating calm out of chaos, what NEAT is most known for is their ability to bring home organization to a whole new level. They make cabinets glow, pantries sing and closets sparkle and here is the Local Mom Scoop on 5 insights into their method 1. Bin it to win it :: Everything you own should have a place to call home. Implementing the necessary bins and baskets ensures that the clutter stays contained. 2. From the top down :: Whether it’s your pots and pans and their lids or the blouses and pants of your closet, knowing the exact placement will make you more efficient and keep things looking magazine worthy. 3. Love it or lose it :: Take regular inventory of the things you own. Whether it is your collection of bags or serving platters, you should be able to say you love the items taking up prime real estate in your cabinets and closets. 4. Love to label :: Labeling really takes your organization to the next level. It helps make your ‘behind the scenes’ as beautiful as your perfectly styled home and will ensure all member of the family can find what they need and also put it back where it belongs. 5. Systems keep you in shape :: Whether the system is amongst labeled bins or delegated roles within your family, making sure there is well-defined structure in your life will help to keep your house in top shape. For more information on how to live the NEAT life follow them on Instagram, Facebook, their blog, or Pinterest. You can also contact their South Florida Professional Organizer, Marissa Hagmeyer, at 630.750.3774 or marissa@neatmethod.com.