The Breathe Black Card Makes Debut at Arts Garage 1st Anniversary Gala

There was a debut of a different kind at the Arts Garage’s 1st Anniversary Gala. The Breathe Black Card was introduced to the audience and the reviews have been outstanding. The Breathe Black Card took center stage as a special gift presented to the supporters of the popular multi-disciplinary cultural hub. The card entitles the bearer to exciting privileges at Breathe Restaurant and Ultra Lounge in Delray Beach. The new multi-million dollar venue, located just west of the Delray Tennis Center, features an elegant dining experience and a lively bar scene. “We were super excited to be able to introduce The Breathe Black Card at the Arts Garage Gala,” says Sylvie Benloulou, General Manager of the restaurant. “We designed this card program as a way to give back to those who support the community, and it will be found at charity and community events, raffles and in premium gift bags.” “Supporting the community is integral to our business philosophy,” continues Benloulou. “We have always given back in a very private fashion, but with the Breathe Black Card we are adding a new way to reward others who do their part.” Charities and community event organizers who would like to find out more information can contact Breathe for details about participation in the program. The Card’s benefits will vary monthly, but the current offers include a complimentary beverage with dinner purchase, 15% off the card owner’s meal, buy one get one free lunch, complimentary birthday meal, $5 off special events and more. To view all the details, visit or call 561-330-4526