The Food Beat: Gizzi’s Coffee


“Rollin with Murph” is one of The Food Beat’s original programs that feature Delray Beach restaurants. The show stars Danny Murphy, a professional actor who has appeared in several major motion pictures including “There’s something about Mary,” “Kingpin,” “Shallow Hall,” “Hall Pass,” and “Me, Myself, and Irene.” In “Rollin with Murph,” Danny who is a chair user, explores the accessibility attributes of the establishment for people in chairs, walkers and strollers. I love going into restaurants and shops where the owner is the person that welcomes you and prepares your order. Especially when the owner is as unique as the one at Gizzi’s Coffee on South Federal Highway. I’m sure there are more than few people reading this that believe the gregarious fellow behind the counter with the exotic accent is Gizzi. He’s not. He’s Andreas, but he is the owner, and he and his coffee shop are far from regular Joes. Gizzi’s is way beyond any coffee shop you’ll find in Delray Beach…from 50 varieties of organic coffee to Andrea’s off center commentary, there are many reasons to try Gizzi’s and even more reasons to come back again and again. In fact, it is rumored that close to 70% of the people that come through Gizzi’s doors each day are regulars. You can count me in that group now as I have grown fond of Gizzi’s organic teas and organic desserts. Of course, coffee consumers of every demographic find java love at Gizzi’s. Latte’s, cappuccinos, espresso, ice coffees, and a daily variety of fresh brews are available throughout the day. For those non-coffee fans, Gizzi’s offers a full line of smoothies, vitamin drinks, sorbets, low calorie/no carbs beverages, and as I mentioned earlier, a nice assortment of organic teas. You can also purchase Gizzi’s organic coffees in bulk to take home. The food selection at Gizzi’s is also varied, with a strong connection to fresh and organic. You can enjoy all the typical fair such as bagels, scones, assorted pastries, croissants and cheesecake, but for those seeking healthier choices, Gizzi’s does not disappoint. There are many organic sweets and even an assortment of gluten free options including cookies and banana bread. If you have a grander appetite, Gizzi’s has that covered too. There are a plethora of freshly prepared breakfast sandwiches from which to choose. I indulged in a turkey, egg, and cheese on a bagel, and it was “Gizzi- licious.” My camera man woofed down a bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant in record time, and then chased it with a cheese Danish. To be young again. Lunch and dinner choices include a variety of salads and ciabbatta bread paninis. The interior of Gizzi’s is spacious and comfortable with a fireplace and plenty of seating. While I visited, there were many patrons gazing into their laptops and tablets and taking advantage of the free Wi Fi. Gizzi’s hosts live entertainment, and also provides space to a varied group of organizations. Seems all kinds of different folks enjoy the comforts and hospitality that is Gizzi’s…from business groups to AA meetings…even speed dating. For me, the ample free parking, the covered walk ways, and spacious interior are a huge plus. Too often, chair users or others with mobility challenges have a difficult time maneuvering in local restaurants. Gizzi’s made accessibility a priority when designing the business and it shows. But the one thing that separates Gizzi’s from the rest is Andreas. You just never know what he’s going to say next, as my friend found out during the filming of our Rollin with Murph episode. His quick wit and contagious laughter, paired with fabulous organic beverage and food options make Gizzi’s worthy of a visit. Make sure to tell him Murph sent you. That’s how I roll, Murph. To see the Rollin with Murph episode featuring Gizzi’s, visit Gizzi’s Coffee 2275 S Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483