The Pineapple rings in the New Year with our resolutions


New Year’s resolutions … everyone makes them but rarely do people keep them. In fact, some resolutions go out the window even before Martin Luther King’s birthday. Some of the more popular resolutions each year include losing weight and exercising more to quitting smoking and spending more time with your family or friends. This year, the Pineapple Newspaper staff not only wishes you a happy, healthy and newsworthy new year, they also wanted to express their own unique resolutions for the year 2016: “My resolution is to finally buy myself a new drumset, hookup with a local Stones cover band and rediscover my inner 16-year-old.” – Jeffrey (JD) Diaz, Publisher  “My New Year’s resolution is to remove negativity from my life by closely watching my words, actions and thoughts.” – Ryan Boylston, Director of Marketing  “My resolution is to smile more and try to be more patient and understanding with people. I also want to make time to work out, get together with friends, have fun with my family and enjoy a little “me” time, too, this year.” – Caryn Stumpfl, Managing Editor  “I know this is on everyone’s list but … it’s back to the gym on a regular basis for me. Also, I’ll continue to think positively … all good things come to those who look to the bright side of life.” – Heather Freher, Account Manager  “I resolve to try out all the happy hours in Downtown Delray Beach and Boca Raton this year. I also want to check out all the new stores and restaurants that just opened up – it’s going to be a great new year! – Kylee Treyz, Account Manager  “My resolution is to hang out more with Kylee! (see above) – Gene Fisher, Community Relations Guru