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By: Rex Rabil, 6th grade Thrive Homeschool student

Special to the Boca and Delray newspaper

In sunny Delray Beach, Florida, there is a bakery and cafe, called The French Bakery and Cafe. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, it’s just another one of  . . .” Well, let me stop you there. This is the best French bakery you will ever go to!

First, a backstory on the owner Christian Backenstrass: He is an artisan, which means that he learned a trade; but not just any trade—he learned how to bake. When Mr. Backenstrass was little, his mom traveled a lot so he learned how to cook, preparing two to three meals a day for his family. His father and his grandfather both baked in France and Germany, so he decided to keep the family tradition going. Mr. Backenstrass has owned The French Bakery and Cafe for four years now and has a great group of artisans just like him working there. It takes a long time to learn a trade—sometimes thirty years—but the end product is amazing. It requires judgment, which is beyond the scope of a robot.

I interviewed Mr. Backenstrass and asked him about his favorite item on the menu. He responded that the French baguette is his favorite: but he had a hard time saying this since he enjoys his croissants and pretty much any traditional bread. He talked to me, Rex Rabil, reporter from Thrive Homeschool in West Palm Beach, Florida, as if he was talking to a food critic. I’m just a kid who loves food and if you love food like I do, you should check this place out!

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