This Month at Arts Garage : Nov 2014 Amazing Women & Incredible Artists


This November, Theatre at Arts Garage launches A Celebration of Women’s Voices, a series of productions showcasing our country’s leading female playwrights. Thought-provoking, controversial and emotionally real, The How & The Why is penned by Sarah Treem, the writer/ producer of TV shows like House of Cards and In Treatment. But theatre is not the only way Arts Garage is stirring emotions, the musical mix this month is a cornucopia of worldclass performers including sax player Lew Tabackin and guitar virtuosos Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo. “Arts Garage is always breaking new ground,” said Alyona Ushe, Executive Director. “And this season’s theatre lends itself to a national debate.” “As progressive as the theater may be considered, there is currently an important national conversation about the lack of opportunities for women playwrights to have their plays produced,” commented Lou Tyrrell, Artistic Director. “At Theatre Arts Garage, we feel it’s time to address this conversation by dedicating our 2014-15 season entirely to women playwrights, and by committing ourselves in general to providing expanded production opportunities for them in the years to come. Nov. 1 | 8 p.m. | Lew Tabackin | Jazz | $25-$35 Lew Tabackin, flutist and tenor saxophonist, is an artist of astonishing vision. His electrifying flute playing is at once virtuosic, primordial, cross-cultural, and passionate. His distinctive tenor sax style includes the use of wide intervals, abrupt changes of mood and tempo, and purposeful fervor, all in the service of showing the full range of possibilities of his instrument. Without copying or emulating jazz greats of the past, Tabackin has absorbed elements into his style, ultimately creating his own sound and aura. Nov. 7-30 | Theatre at Arts Garage: The How & The Why by Sarah Treem | $35-$45 From the writer/producer of television hits like House of Cards and In Treatment comes this smart and compelling new play about science, family and survival of the fittest. Two women meet for the first time on the eve of a national conference. Both are brilliant evolutionary biologists who share a zeal for science and a bold, contrarian approach to their male-dominated field. As mysteries unfold about their relationship, the two scientists clash over differing views on evolution, feminism and generational divides in modern America. Nov. 8-9 | Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo | JAZZ | $25-$35 Guitarists Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo have played over 1,000 duo guitar concerts all over the planet and have played alongside the world’s finest musicians. Their playing together as a duo is infectiously fun, melodic and will keep your foot tapping for as long as their guitars make sound! Nov. 15 | 8 p.m. | Allan Harris Quartet | JAZZ | $25-35 Allan Harris is a world-class singer, guitarist and songwriter. Perhaps best known for his interpretations of jazz standards, Allan’s smooth vocals and guitar styling easily crosses genres, from jazz to rock to blues. Nov. 16 | 8 p.m. | Tracy Grammer | FOLK | $25-35 Tracy Grammer rose to acclaim half of the “postmodern, mythic American Folk duo” Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. Renowned for her springwater-clear alto, perfectly intoned violin, and guitar playing that is by turns percussive and delicate, Grammer is also a masterful storyteller with an ease and charisma on stage — not to mention a riotous sense of humor — that belie her modest beginnings as Carter’s reclusive accompanist. Nov. 22 | 8 p.m. | Ignacio Berroa Quartet | JAZZ | $25-35 Ignacio Berroa has been recognized by many as one of the greatest drummers of our time. Jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie best described Ignacio as “the only Latin drummer in the world in the history of American music that intimately knows both worlds: his native Afro-Cuban music as well as jazz…” Nov. 29 | 8 p.m. | Drew Tucker | JAZZ | $25-35 Drew returns to Arts Garage for his third and most exciting showing to date. Joined by Doug Carter (Rhodes keyboard), Nathan Stolkes (drums), Bill Muter (bass and tuba), and Stephanie Jaimes (cello), he blends his traditional jazz roots with influence from pop, rock and R&B icons to create a musical experience sure to be remembered. “Jazz is my first love, and I play the vibraphone, but I grew up on Prince, Michael Jackson and Duran Duran… because let’s face it, everyone needs to hear Prince on the vibraphone.” This show is sure to blow you away with its performances, and a memorable year at Arts Garage.

The Arts Garage is located in downtwon Delray Beach at 180 NE 1st Street. For ticket purchases and more information about Arts Garage in Delray Beach, visit the website at, or call 561-450-6357.