Trading Card Collectors Flock To South Florida Baseball Cards In Boca Raton


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer
One may think Tim Tebow’s rookie baseball card is the hottest commodity at a trading card store. But, with the recent presidential election there’s a box of cards that trump the rest of the deck at newly opened South Florida Baseball Cards in Boca Raton.
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards dominated by the likeness of President-Elect Donald Trump in the center of the box flanked by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio happen to be the most popular item in the store. Ever since the 2016 Presidential Election, South Florida Baseball Cards owner Mark Zarafu has been busy keeping Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards in stock. South Florida Baseball Cards is located at 2210 N. Federal Highway in Boca Raton.
“Anything right now with Donald Trump is hot,” Zarafu said.
Decision 2016 Political Trading Cards include 12 packs per box and six cards per pack. The entire set includes 110 cards with inserts like TUF (Trump under fire). Gem cards, God Bless America! Super Flag Patches and cut signatures round out the packs. Besides President-Elect Trump and election frontrunners on the cover of the box, republican presidential candidates included on the cards include Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.
“I’m selling a lot of these presidential election trading card boxes right now and people will find them cheaper here than what’s available at big-box stores,” he said.
But, election cards aren’t the entire buzz, there’s a hat too. Make America Great Again hats signed by Donald Trump are trendy, fetching prices as high as $400 and that’s without a case.
Besides the presidential election items, Pokémon card collectors, baseball, basketball and football card enthusiasts are driving over to South Florida Baseball Cards.
“I had driven by a while ago and noticed a baseball card store had opened in the plaza. One weekend my wife and sons thought we’d take a ride over to see if what the boys have is worth anything,” said Terry Collins, a Boca Raton resident.
“We brought some baseball coins with Pete Rose on them and had some Pokémon questions for the owner,” said Elaine Collins with sons Logan and Brady.
A First Edition 1999 Pokémon Game Charizard card in mint condition worth upwards of $2,500 is encased in a protective plastic holder sits behind one of the glass displays at South Florida Baseball Cards while Zarafu, the store’s owner, talks with the Collins family.
Since 1993, Zarafu has been buying, selling and trading sports cards and sought after memorabilia items. Besides the popular election items and Pokémon cards, the store is full of sports trading cards, signed baseballs and football helmets, sports jerseys and comics.
“I can get just about anything. If you need a saddle for a camel I can get it,” said Zarafu.
For more information on South Florida Baseball Cards visit, or call 954-695-9830.